The AmbleHurst Hotel - Bar
The Amblehurst fully licensed bar offers a relaxed and calm atmosphere to sample an extensive range of lunch and evening beverages together with a large and detailed selection of drinks.

It has popular draughts, weekly drinks promotions and a selection of fine bottled beers from around the world, together with an extensive Wine List, which caters for every taste. The bar is open 24 hours for residents and together with the drinks it offers bar beverages. The Lunch Menu consisting of freshly made soup, sandwiches, jacket potatoes and baguettes and light nibbles changing to a more detailed Evening Menu offering deluxe sandwiches, salads and vegetarian dishes.

The bar is equipped with a big plasma television with sky TV, which keeps the guests updated with all the news and sporting affairs from across the globe. With the hotel being near Old Trafford Football Ground and establishing a friendly link with the club and the fans the bar boasts an electric atmosphere for all Manchester United games and many other major sporting events.
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